Writing a lessons learned report example

Yet this lessons learned report about the response includes just the kind of vague, unhelpful statements that are all too common. Writing a lessons learned report example specific kind of initial actions should an organization take? Honesty Is the Best Policy The most important quality of a lessons-learned report is honesty.

You can find the case study here. Tie it back to your goals and objectives Your programme intervention is guided by goals, objectives and a theory of change.

You are free to use material from the Clear Thinking Free Resources in whole or in part as long as you include complete attribution, including a live web site link. How, exactly, do actions support or undermine longer-term development? Knowing how to write good lessons learned is essential for both internal and external learning and knowledge sharing.

The technical section focuses on the work itself. For example, an emerging issue that is affecting your programme and could also affect similar interventions. Who should do the communicating? Are there lessons you can reflect on around partnership dynamics?

You may feel that you want to reach multiple audiences, but your report is most useful if you have one key audience in mind. It just often falls short. Should these activities or approaches continue, stop or continue with changes to adapt to challenges?

How to Get a Fantastic Lessons Learned Report As foundations and nonprofits strive to be open and communicate what they are learning, many are sharing those lessons with others.

You can easily adapt or expand these types of tools to fit your own context. Alongside this, consider what was not part of the intentional design for your programme. For example, challenges that come up in training workshops that they are delivering and strategies that some of their colleagues have addressed to overcome these.

The recent response by international governments and nonprofit organizations to the earthquake in Haiti likely provides many useful lessons for organizations to take forward as they prepare for future natural disasters. How were they overcome? Such reports are designed to promote desirable outcomes in future business projects and avoid having the same mistakes repeated.

If you want to share useful information with program officers who are creating a new program, then they need more specific lessons, typically around grantmaking. Or integrate this with other tools. These can be the start of something truly new and innovative.

Summarize Findings For longer lessons-learned reports, a final step might be the crafting of an executive summary that briefly describes the most critical takeaways. Also describe the client, the dates of the project and the deliverables or products produced.

And people who are actually implementing a program need nuts and bolts advice. These summary statements are often so bland or indecipherable that they are useless. How to Write a Lessons-Learned Report by Craig Berman - Updated September 26, A lessons-learned report documents important events in your project to help guide others down the road.

However, you may need to be pro-active in following up with colleagues and partners to understand why things are not working as expected.

What is the cost associated with the programme delivering specific results? Consider developing a tool specifically to collect data on lessons. That finding is particularly important because online voting is becoming a popular way to engage individuals in the grantmaking process, wrote Jean Case, co-founder of the Case Foundation, in a blog post announcing the findings.

What challenges did you face? This can be a paragraph or a page and should be enough for a busy manager to get a clear sense of what the rest of the report contains. Different partners bring different capacities, agendas, strengths, weaknesses and ways of working. Are there examples of different activities that achieve the same result but cost less?

And undoubtably earns the respect of other foundations. Among the more interesting findings was that the centerpiece of this project--the public voting--turned out to be the least popular part of the process for the potential grantees. What kind of communication should someone do?

The Case Foundation provides a great example of how to produce useful reports. A lessons learned report is a great way for everyone to broaden their knowledge in any given field. Their language in these reports, as you might guess, is refreshingly down-to-earth.

The experiment culminated in an on-line voting competition for 20 finalists that would receive a grant from Case.How to write good lessons learned December 28, / Rob Worthington Documenting lessons learned from your programme is a key responsibility for monitoring and evaluation ultimedescente.comon: 1 Logan Way, Howard Centre Cape Town South Africa.

Guidelines for writing a lessons learned report. A report of lessons learned should address some key issues: Assessment of goals and objectives. Identification of activities or areas needing additional effort. Identification of effective activities or strategies.

How to Write a Lessons-Learned Report

A Guide to Capturing Lessons Learned Page 2 Basic Lessons Learned Process 1. Define the Project This step is the initial step wherein the need for lessons learned is identified and the process. A lessons learned report is a great way for everyone to broaden their knowledge in any given field.

These reports can help your colleagues learn what worked and what didn’t so that they can make better and more informed decisions. FasTracks Lessons Learned Report 3 Executive Summary Every major program has something to learn from its experiences.

The FasTracks program is.

The three best lessons I learned from a failed project

Purpose of the Lessons Learned Report. Throughout each project life cycle, lessons are learned and opportunities for improvement are discovered. As part of a continuous improvement process, documenting lessons learned helps project teams discover the root causes of problems that occurred and avoid those problems in later project stages .

Writing a lessons learned report example
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