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If we pay attention to the correct behavior and redirect the bad one people and animals will start to perform the way we would like them to. Read the book and discover some practical examples on how to put this theory into practice.

Book Review: Ken Blanchard, Whale Done: The Power of Positive Relationships (2002).

He shows the characters blunt responses and then shows how his method accommodates for many problems and doubts. Redirection is accomplished as follows: Ken puts changing your relationship in a new way and shows how little changes to how you react can keep you from ever having an altercation.

With people at work, it might be talking effectively with customers, achieving a sales quota, or getting a report on time. I would love to see the author expand on how the manager works with 2 uncooperative employees.

It provides a few examples on how to apply the technique. There are four kinds of consequence: Whale done book review someone who loves Killer Whales and everything animal training this book both educated and entertained me.

We can apply the philosophy and take it into practice with not only in the workplace but in our daily life, our beloved family.

Kaleido Kaleido is a thought and implementation leader, specialized in developing people and organizations. It really made me rethink on how I react and deal with people and realize how I had been going about it was dead wrong. This demands greater patience and self-control, but by accentuating the good actions, you will stimulate people to continue behaving in a good way, towards the goals you have set up with them.

Catching people doing something wrong is easy; you simply have to wait until they foul up. Kaleido is also a content partner for Talentsquare. In this book the authors show that it is possible to motivate people in a different way. This also showed me how the Whale Done approach can work with acquaintances and not just well-known friends and family.

The Power of Positive Relationships is a phenomenal read earning all 5 stars. Instead of giving the usual advice on how to deal with the status quo or show you how to manage your own frustrations the author shows you a new and unique approach to foster a good relationship. Then remove the pressure by not putting blame on the person but refocusing on the goals.

Anyone who has trained a dog, for example, has heard the same lesson from modern pet training techniques: It was absolutely fantastic. They have taught me to conserve, to care, and to love animals, but I never thought it could teach me how to improve my relationships.

The idea is that you want to focus attention on the task yet to be performed correctly, rather than harping on the mistakes already made. The book well describes the SeaWorld training process while also showing how we can turn our negative interactions into positive reinforcement and redirection.

Ken shows the amazing resemblance between human and killer whale relationships, and the more one emulates how the trainers behave, the better and stronger relationships one has.

Reacting in a positive way builds up a trusting environment with mutual understanding. This book was not only informative, but fun to read.

Instead, the authors suggest that we constantly encourage employees when they do something right, as a means of giving them motivation to do it right again in the future. I really enjoyed the book The author gave a real-world response that will work for everyone, not just the few people in the novel.

Tell the person how the work should be done and make agreements on how to reach the target. They stimulated them when they did things right and redirected their behavior when they did things wrong.

Although it has more application for real estate managers than agents, the foundational idea that we can all do a better job of promoting good behaviors by praising good decisions rather than harping on errors is a good lesson to learn.

What to do if people do things wrong? Their strained relationship had worsened when Wes, who played on the softball team that Meredith captained at the company picnic, had hit into a double play to lose an important game.

He tries to show that when we jump all over people for doing things wrong we set up the problem to be repeated. It consists of the three ABC steps: I do this too often. Want to know more about it?Summary of Whale Done Approach 1. Some Impressionistic takes from the book Ken Blanchard “ Whale Done” The power of positive Relationship Ramki [email protected] 2.

Whale Done!: The Power of Positive Relationships

Ken Blanchard is the “Chief Spiritual Officer” and Chairman of the Board of the Blanchard Companies, and the author of a dozen bestselling books, including The One Minute. Book Review: The Whale Done!

School 2 Introduction The Whale Done! School is the third book in the Whale Done! series. It focuses on the proven power of positive attention that can be used in the process of educating children and. Whale Done!: The Power of Positive Relationships and millions of other books are available for instant access.

Following a welcome and a review of safety rules by an animal trainer, a mysterious fog had begun to shroud the surface of the pool. Whale Done! is not just a business book. It has several chapters on using the same principles. Bert Verdonck Personal Book Review Personal Book Review Title: Whale Done!

Author: Ken Blanchard Reviewer: Bert Verdonck Language: English This document is my personal interpretation of the book and is not necessarily the same as that of the author.

It might be incomplete, even biased and altered for my personal reasons. Book review of ‘Whale done! The Power of Positive Relationships’ In this inspirational book they show that by accentuating the positive, a technique learned at SeaWorld, your effectiveness at work and at home can change, just as it did with the killer whales.

Catch me doing something right? Whale done! Book Review: Ken Blanchard, Whale Done: The Power of Positive Relationships (). August 31, by Joseph Rand Ken Blanchard’s book Whale Done is one of his “parables” about management success based on lessons learned by a disgruntled manager who learns a new method of motivated people from an unlikely source.

Whale done book review
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