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Countries like Russia today or Austria-Hungary in clash with the dominant powers presiding over what seems to them a natural and inevitable decline. French troops prepare their border defences.

French soldiers standing in German trenches seized after being shelled on the Somme front, northern France in Austria-Hungary is preparing itself for the inevitable Russian attack. There were probably three individuals who were able to brake the whole process after July 6 because of their dictatorial powers: Which brings me to the clearest lesson from Yet the crucial parallel may be the complacent certainty that economic interdependence and prosperity had made war Was ww1 inevitable essay — at least in Europe.

The proof of the almost irresistible drift to war is that there was not one moment after the giving of the blank Was ww1 inevitable essay, when war could have been stopped had the Was ww1 inevitable essay fallen differently.

France had lost AL forty years before and was determined to get them back with that rather messianic Was ww1 inevitable essay that characterises any French reflection on nationhood.

Germany knew the French position and its institutions were convinced that war was a not-if-but-when question so Germany prepared for war not least because France had pulled Russia into an alliance and had managed to bring Britain into its orbit.

It was inevitable because France and Germany did not just dislike but loathed each other and at that centre of that hate were the lost French provinces of Alsace and Lorraine: Strasburg, as Churchill pointed out, in a celebrated essayhas a hell of a lot to answer for.

If Germany had not been stopped on the Marne in September offor example, we would live in a different world today. Britain is wringing its hands and calling up its naval reserves.

Today, Russia is a declining power and China is rising, while the United States is trying to maintain the 20th-century balance of power, with Europe and Japan as junior partners.

Europe blundered into war in and that lack of straightforward decision-making left a vacuum in terms of explanation. The declining powers, meanwhile, want to prevent territorial erosion and avoid diplomatic humiliations.

If Germany had torn up its blank cheque and allowed Russia to pummel Austro-Hungary with no interruption… In any of these three cases then the truck would never have got to the picnic. But each of these concessions would have required superhuman violence to the personalities of the three monarchs involved and superhuman violence to the short, mid-term interests of those countries.

Other views on the inevitability or not of the First World War: The pace of globalization was almost as dramatic and confusing in as it is today. They challenge the status quo — as China is doing in its neighboring seas.

It underlies, for example, the Western foreign policy that presents economic sanctions on Russia or Iran as a substitute for political compromise or military intervention. But could they have stopped it in the weeks before?

Serbian irregulars are marching towards battle. This is where there is really agency in the history of the First World War. The most horrific war in human experience had broken out and no one can stop it. Everyone had their patterns of behaviour, most of these patterns were quite reasonable in terms of the perceived interests of the various European countries.

There was not that much dripping saliva outside the Balkans: Four years later, 10 million people had died. In fact, what is striking about that dreadful month before hostilities began is how most leaders were dispassionate and calm about the coming events.

The truth, as the world discovered in and is re-discovering today in Ukraine, the Middle East and the China seas, is that economic interests are swept aside once the genie of nationalist or religious militarism is released. As MM notes in magesterial flourish at the end of her her book: The Second World War would not have happened had, say, Hitler been assassinated in the spring ofsay.

As France and Germany plunged into the abyss the powers chained to them would inevitably be dragged down too. As I pointed out in this columnRussia has in past conflicts withstood economic losses unimaginable to politicians and diplomats in the Western world — and the same is true of Iran and China.

Was World War 1 Inevitable?

The rising powers want to extend their territory or correct perceived historic wrongs. Battle of the Somme But their money, military resources and political perseverance were running out. Germany felt then that as a war had to be fought, it might as well be now.

Was WWII Inevitable?

Could such treaties act as a hair-trigger for global war, as in ? The horror of July is the horror of watching an out of control timber truck plunge towards a genteel picnic party:It was inevitable because France and Germany did not just dislike but loathed each other and at that centre of that hate were the lost French provinces of Alsace and Lorraine: Strasburg, as Churchill pointed out, in a celebrated essay, has a hell of a lot to answer for.

France had lost AL forty years before and was determined to get them back with that. Germany's holdings outside of Europe at the time of WW1 weren't that extensive. Germany however was more concerned with European hegemony than external colonies. So I don't really think that WW1 arose due to a lessening of British naval power.

Britain's advantage in that arena was decisive, even despite U-boats. Essay Writing Guide.

Was Ww1 Inevitable? Essay

Learn the art of brilliant essay writing with help from our teachers. Learn more. AS and A Level. Was WWII inevitable?

If so, why and when? If not, when and how could it have been avoided? World War II was inevitable for a multitude of reasons. The foremost reason was the existence of three respective, powerful. The First World War was inevitable, because of all events that happened prior to it, with exception of the - Discussion of Factors that Affect the Result of World War I In this essay I will discuss all the factors that affected the result of the world war one.

The world war one started in Germany, Austria Hungary, and Italy was on. Was World War 1 Inevitable? Was World War 1 Inevitable? Words Dec 30th, 7 Pages.


Was the Cold War Inevitable Essay Words | 12 Pages; Was World War II Inevitable? Words | 4 Pages; World War 1-Who Was to Blame Words | 5 Pages; To what extent was Germany to blame for the start of World War 1.

Was Ww1 Inevitable? In my personal opinion World War I was inevitable due to the selfish countries which wanted more power and land - Was Ww1 Inevitable? introduction. Who caused the war?? There are plenty of different reasons and opinions of .

Was ww1 inevitable essay
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