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It is thus important to take measures to control the same. I was shocked to see the terrible sight. Threat to Life Many people and animals lose their lives because of severe flash floods. In coastal areas hurricanes and tsunamis cause flood.

The bourgeoisie Various Street Gangs: These are mostly caused due to heavy rainfall, melting of snow or dam break. Similarly, Toby is barricaded within a luxury spa where she has begun to work following a raid on the gardeners by Blanco and his brutish pals.

There are certain areas, especially in Bengal and Assam, where frequent floods appear due to the overflow of the rivers, such as the Brahmaputra or the Ganga. A child living in the Pleebs; usually up to no good Ararat: Several towns and cities around the world have suffered from severe floods that have cost lives of people and animals, resulted in loss of property and other valuable assets and destruction of soil and plants.

The Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood

Select Page Essay on Flood Flood is an overflow of huge amount of water covering large areas causing destruction at the places affected. The impact the floods depend on their type and severity. In this tiny green featherweight in the scales of Doom we persist in seeing a vast, irrational hope.

Flood Warning Systems It is the need of the hour to set up better flood warning systems so that people are warned about the upcoming problem right on time and they have enough time to safeguard themselves and their belongings Construct Buildings Above the Flood Level Buildings in the flood prone area must be constructed above the flood level so as to avoid damage to the property as well as the people living there.

You can see that the world of the Year 25 is not an improvement on the world of that other great realistic novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four.

This may also result in flood. This is said to have a major impact on the polar ice caps in the times to come and the situation is likely to worsen. The scarcity of drinking water becomes an acute problem. People were fleeing for their lives.

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Water accumulated for days at a particular place also results in the outbreak of various diseases. This can cause severe damage to the coastal regions.

But to millions of Indians this is a stark reality which they are destined to face routinely every year. This way the excessive water can be put to use instead of letting it overflow on the plains and cause flood.

Farmers are majorly impacted by floods as their crops get ruined owing to this weather condition.

The low-lying areas near the rivers are worst impacted during this time as the water flows downstream. Soil Erosion When the downpour is too heavy, the soil cannot absorb the entire water and it often results in soil erosion which in turn has dreadful consequences.

My uncle lives there. It is time the government of India must take this issue seriously and come up with strong measures to control this problem.

It is also a costly affair for the government as it has to deploy a number of policemen, firemen and other officials to conduct the rescue operation. At times, excessive water is deliberately released from the dam so as to stop it from breaking. When there is a lack of good drainage system to suck up the excessive water it results in water logging that causes flood.

Lakhs of people are rendered homeless. Flood Essay — 3 words Flood is a natural disaster that is caused due to the accumulation of excessive water in a region.

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Conclusion Floods are one of the natural disasters that are known to have caused major destruction in various regions. The plot follows two characters, Toby and Ren, whose stories intertwine with each other and, at points, with major characters from Oryx and Crake.

The water becomes polluted, causing various life-taking diseases. I could talk about her new book more freely, more truly, if I could talk about it as what it is, using the lively vocabulary of modern science-fiction criticism, giving it the praise it deserves as a work of unusual cautionary imagination and satirical invention.

Unfortunately, they fail to reach the needy and the targeted. Oryx, Crake aka Glenn and Jimmy appear in minor roles over the course of the book, with the protagonists Ren and Toby unaware that these characters are responsible for the pandemic. The Indian governments have since taken some major steps for protecting the people from flood.

At some remote places people were standing on the roof top to escape from being washed away in flood.The Year of the Flood is a novel by Canadian author Margaret Atwood, the second book of her dystopian trilogy, released on September 22, in Canada and the United States, and on September 7,in the United Kingdom.

Every year, flood, the most common disaster in India causes immense loss to the country's property and lives.

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India Flood Prone Areas The states falling within the. Biblical Flood of Noah in Genesis and the Gilgamesh Flood - The Flood of Noah and the Gilgamesh Flood The Sumero-Babylonian version of the epic of Gilgamesh, after two and a half millennia of dormancy, was resurrected by British archaeologists in the nineteenth century.

Essay on The Year of the Flood Words Feb 10th, 4 Pages “The Year of the Flood” is an epic, sprawling novel that moves back and forth between past, present and future effortlessly.

Study Guide for The Year of the Flood. The Year of the Flood study guide contains a biography of Margaret Atwood, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a.

“The Year of the Flood” is an epic, sprawling novel that moves back and forth between past, present and future effortlessly.

Though it is told from Ren and Toby’s point of view, the novel is really about the story of three women (Ren, Toby, and Amanda) and their will to survive in a cruel and harsh world.

The year of the flood essays
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