The history and achievements of the communist party of china cpc in china

Chinese Communist Party

During this period, his theoretical and practical mistakes concerning class struggle in a socialist society became increasingly serious, his personal arbitrariness gradually undermined democratic centralism in Party life and the personality cult grew graver and graver. Our achievements in nuclear technology, man-made satellites, rocketry, etc.

From the Marxist viewpoint, this complex phenomenon was the product of given historical conditions. Their quality is now much higher and their technical equipment much better. Thanks to the development of agriculture and the economy as a whole, the living standards of the people have improved.

Known as the Northern Expedition, the war was launched under the slogan -- oppose imperialism and warlords -- raised by the Communist Party. In Februaryhe put forward the theory on the correct handling of contradictions among the people. The party is brave enough to embrace new things and evolve with time, Bambang Suryono, chief editor of Inhua Daily in Indonesia, said.

Chinese Communist Party lauded for strength, achievements on 95th birthday Source: It was initiated and led by Comrade Mao Zedong. In January of that year, Comrade Zhou Enlai passed away. As a result, the revolution failed. Notable results were achieved in exposing and repudiating the crimes of the counterrevolutionary Jiang Qing clique and uncovering their factional setup.

Careerists like Lin Biao, Jiang Qing and Kang Sheng, harbouring ulterior motives, made use of these errors and inflated them.

While making serious mistakes, he repeatedly urged the whole Party to study the works of Marx, Engels and Lenin conscientiously and imagined that his theory and practice were Marxist and that they were essential for the consolidation of the dictatorship of the proletariat.

In Januarythe enlarged Central Work Conference attended by 7, people made a preliminary summing-up of the positive and negative experience of the Great Leap Forward and unfolded criticism and self-criticism. All the successes in these ten years were achieved under the collective leadership of the Central Committee of the Party headed by Comrade Mao Zedong.

New industries such as the electronic and petrochemical industries were established one after another. The Communist forces defeated, one after the other, the "encirclement and suppression" campaigns launched by Kuomintang armies. The main causes are as follows: Thanks to the influence of the correct leadership of the CPC and Kuomintang-Communist cooperation, a great revolution against imperialism and feudalism rose around the country.

'Authoritative' history of CPC proves popular

They overcame difficulties at home, stood up to the pressure of the Soviet leading clique and repaid all the debts owed to the Soviet Union, which were chiefly incurred through purchasing Soviet arms during the movement to resist U. The progress of industrialization, while demanding agricultural products in ever increasing quantities, would provide stronger and stronger support for the technical transformation of agriculture, and this also constituted a motive force behind the transformation of individual into co-operative farming.

Feudalism in China has had a very long history. A large number of qualified personnel were trained. With the participation of the masses, sports have developed vigorously, and records have been chalked up in quite a few events.

In addition, they did what they could to support the revolutionary struggles of the people of many countries and assist them in their economic construction. Party structure With more than 85 million members, the CCP is one of the largest political parties in the world.

Compared with when economic rehabilitation was completed, fixed industrial assets, calculated on the basis of their original price, were more than 27 times greater inexceedingmillion yuan; the output of cotton yarn was 4.

In our rural areas, where farm machinery, chemical fertilizers and electricity were practically non-existent before liberation, there is now a big increase in the number of agriculture-related tractors and irrigation and drainage equipment and in the quantity of chemical fertilizers applied, and the amount of electricity consumed is 7.

We have achieved and consolidated the great unity of the people of all nationalities and have forged and expanded a socialist relationship of equality and mutual help among the more than fifty nationalities. However, during the "cultural revolution", the Party and people waged hard struggles against the "Left" mistakes and the two counterrevolutionary cliques headed respectively by Lin Biao and Jiang Qing.

It was a domestic turmoil that brought serious disasters to the Party, the state and people of all nationalities.Flag of the Communist Party of China before the s Location of the 1st Congress of the Chinese Communist Party in Julyon Xintiandi, former French Concession, Shanghai.

Marxist ideas started to spread widely in.

Spotlight: Chinese Communist Party lauded for strength, achievements on 95th birthday

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International observers are marvelling at the sustained vigor and vitality of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the glorious achievements it has made in China's development as the party celebrates its 95th birthday Thursday.

History of the Communist Party of China

A visit to promote understanding and co-op--Canadian Governor General on China trip Li's visit to further strengthen bilateral ties between Hanoi and Beijing Chinese vice premier meets Rosneft CEO Chinese president calls for new momentum in ties with Australia Achievements A visit to promote understanding and under CPC.

ultimedescente.comy The Communist Party of China (CPC) was founded in July From tothe CPC led the Chinese people in their arduous armed struggle and finally succeeded in overthrowing the rule of imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat-capitalism and establishing the People's Republic of China (PRC).

Chinese Communism Subject Archive. Resolution on certain questions in the history of our party since the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

The history and achievements of the communist party of china cpc in china
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