Support speech language and communication needs of young people essay

Children need to have a good SLC skills in order to manage their behaviour and self-control. The fact is that speech and language occur together with emotional and behavioural development and that they do affect each other powerfully.

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Support Children’s Speech, language & Communication Essay Sample

Being able to communicate through speech and language, but more importantly understand and use communication effectively is critical in supporting and developing the behavioural, emotional and social needs of a child or young person. If they have difficulties in any of the areas, this may limit their ability to express themselves, social skills, convey needs and also their ability to develop amongst other things.

Studies have indicated that behavioural problems account for three quarters of children and young people who had significant language difficulties as well Ripley, K.

Consequently, this will inhibit their ability to develop the skills needed to manage their behaviour and emotions properly. English has over 40 different phonemes.

Support childrens speech, language and communication Essay Sample

The use of facial expressions is particularly important to help babies and young children understand the meaning of spoken words. It is very difficult for children with poor SLC skills to make friends. This will heavily impact their social skills development and it may be that the child has other difficulties e.

Emotionally they are frustrated and can become withdrawn. The Bercow report illustrated the following: BEHAVIOUR As above, children are able to control their emotions better once speech and language has been mastered and therefore this has a positive effect on their behaviour.

Social- SLC skills support social development because it helps children to build relationships with others. Early intervention is very important to minimise any effects. If untreated this will continue into adulthood and manifest itself in various anxiety disorders.

Communication Trust A stammer can be very debilitating for children in a social setting. In the Trainings on how to support speech and bustle of the setting becomes from time to time. Some of these are characterised by the following: Some people with these difficulties can have trouble maintaining relationships and become withdrawn and isolated.

Communication is an umbrella term because it encompasses both speech and language. For example, this could be when a child does not like to make eye contact when talking or even like being around other children.

English language has over 40 different sounds that people use to communicate words. Before the language skills have developed, young children can be prone to tantrums and or angry aggressive behaviour due to their frustrations.

Expressing their feelings through language helps children to control their emotions. Speech is learned before written language. This in turn enables children to develop skills in managing their behaviour and emotions effectively.

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Children and young people may have difficulties across one or many of the different elements of speech, language and communication resulting in a communication breakdown.

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Explain taken from a leaflet produced by the Communications Consortium ‘Explaining Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN)’, “Children and young people with speech, language and communication needs (SLCN) have difficulties in communicating with others; it may be that they cannot express themselves effectively or they may.

Communication and Language Essay

” (Better Communication Research Programme ) Therefore this presentation seeks to highlight the correlation between the Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN) of children and young people and how it has a bearing on their behavioural, emotional and social development as well.

Support Children’s Speech, language & Communication Essay Sample SPEECH Is the vocalised sounds made by a human of their learned language, to communicate to others.

Support speech language and communication needs of young people essay
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