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Women are not an impact story. Though she had been visiting India since her childhood days, she decided to work in India only after she started working in the US Congress on South Asia policy. She applied for the America-India Foundation Service Corps fellowship program to work in India in microfinance and has never looked back since then.

It also uses marketing techniques such as setting up stalls at village fairs to display and promote green products. Without energy, children cannot study, families cannot cook, and people are subject to the constraints of daylight hours.

Solar energy is the most practical route, she believes. But this was not enough, she realised that field staff were not equipped to educate the households about the products and they had Zero Support from manufacturers.

There have been many instances in which countless women succumb to death due to burning because of the kerosene lamp being kicked by the wind which resulted in the entire hut being burned down to the crisp. Frontier Markets, since inception, has sold 10, solar solutions to date and made clean-energy retailers of rural residents.

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Shah speaks to a community on the benefits of solar energy. Frontier Markets has sold 20, solar solutions among BOP households in rural India Shah believes each and every household deserves access to goods and services that will enhance their health, wealth, and productivity.

Entrepreneur Ajaita Shah brings sustainable energy to low-income households in India. Where does a customer in a far-off village go if the battery of his solar lamp turns out to be faulty or the switch malfunctions?: In developing countries like India, kerosene lamps offer a cheap, but hazardous, alternative.

FM creates solar retail points in the last mile and support them with service centers and after-sales. Her father came from a long chain of Jewellers from a Jaipur Jain Jewellery community.

In recent years, a host of companies - at last count, including 82 in the small and medium enterprises, or Spreading light by frontier markets rural, sector - have begun making clean energy products. Women have told Shah that their husbands now listen to them and that community members now greet them with respect.

In a testimonial to the product he sells, he bought one himself. But after graduating from college Shah surprised her parents by giving that up. She was also featured in the Top 30 under 30 list for Social Entrepreneurs by Forbes. Some have tried to rope in microfinance companies to help with the distribution, but the effort has usually failed.

In we started a program which involved women in the forefront of this model, through a program called Solar Sahelis - in this model, we worked to train women in marketing, sales, and after-sales service to earn a fixed and variable income in their village.

Shah wants to replicate the model across three to five other states in the next five years. These are village-level community workers, who are already familiar faces in the region, since they also provide some other service.

FM sells solar lanterns, pico systems, inverters, solar dc appliances, solar street light, and clean cooking solutions. Community workers do not have the specialised knowledge to repair lamps if they stop working.

When the Indian government first tried bringing solar in from Iran, it was faced with poor-quality products and no technical assistance.

Through Frontier Markets, Shah is helping to reduce the number of kerosene lamps in rural India. Photo by Frontier Markets More than women have fanned across the desert state of Rajasthan in western India to spread awareness on products powered by solar energy amongst poor people living in hard-to-reach villages.

Ajaita works with rural franchisees in Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan Based out of Jaipur, Rajasthan, they are currently operating in villages, and have sold 20, solar solutions, which include products ranging from solar lanterns priced at about Rs.

With solar lamps, she saw the opportunity to fill a vital gap. She is the founder of Frontier Markets, the India-based sales and distribution company providing product solutions to facilitate the end of indoor pollution and related deaths.

The uniqueness of the model was that we partnered with local NGOs that have been working in this area through community development and finance, and we built a market building model around this for economic empowerment. They aim to create 10, Solar Sahelis with 10, retail points so that every household has a right to reliable, economical and good quality electricity.By Frontier Markets | April 30, In rural villages in India far from electric grids, life gets harder when the sun goes down.

Children study by the light of smoky kerosene lamps, which might. Thanks for signing up as a global citizen. In order to create your account we need you to provide your email address.

Ajaita Shah is empowering women to spread solar energy through rural India. Share Share Tweet Email. By Daniele Selby. July 27, She founded Frontier Markets, initially investing all her own savings. Frontier Markets (FM) is a rural marketing, sales, and service distribution company providing access to affordable and quality solar solutions to low-income households in India.

Founded inFrontier Markets uses its field staff to build the capacity of rural farmer retailers and rural women educate, relate, and reach households providing them access to high quality and affordable clean.

How solar energy is helping this entrepreneur power rural India

Frontier Markets walks the last mile to distribute solar products. The Frontier Market has introduced the Unnat Chulha, an advanced stove that restricts emission and reduces wood consumption and cooking time by 50%. It also uses marketing techniques such as setting up stalls at village fairs to display and promote green products.

* Frontier Markets gauged the potential of the products through market assessments, and feedback to determine whether market entry for the new product like Solar lamps is viable to enter in the rural areas.

Ajaita Shah's Frontier Markets uses village-level community workers to sell solar energy products. Spreading light Taslima Khan Print "Reaching out to rural markets requires a bottom-up.

Spreading light by frontier markets rural
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