Skin bleaching research paper essay

It has affected the manner in which people perceive beauty in terms of ways of competing with social changes like fashion and season.

Consequently, people have been influenced to accept some of these practices as the most preferred and highly recommended. As portrayed by media, many people who bleach their skins are considered more successful.

It has also been noted that the practice is closely associated with the media industry. This puts Asians and Africans at a higher risk than any other minority group Skin bleaching research paper essay the world. Introduction The natural appearance of a person plays a significant role in defining beauty in both men and women.

This researched information has become quite resourceful for academic purposes and in educating the general public on the negative effects of skin bleaching. Our daily activities, visions and aspirations are influenced by some of these factors which determine who we are.

This component is also found in movie generating products which usually present human body as a mere work of art.

This paper explores the role of media in promoting skin bleaching to be perceived as a good thing in our society today. However, adverts and announcements via the internet eliminate the assurance from manufacturers and medical experts concerning dosage and the side effects of skin bleaching creams and other chemical Alonso, There is a lot of information circulating through social networks like Facebook and Myspace all the world with almost a half a billion subscribers on Facebook.

They lay emphasis on the need of having artificially modified skin rather than maintaining original skin color and beauty. Most marketers use celebrities like musicians and other artists in making adverts and comments on these sites in order to capture the attention of many visitors. Research findings Skin bleaching is common in almost every country in the world.

Conclusion Skin bleaching is one of the personal identity aspects affecting several around the globe.

Discussion Beauty and beauty competitions has remained a very captivating event in the world especially in the current generation. As a result many people aim at improving their physical appearance through any available means and procedures to meet the standards and demands of the world.

It is worth noting that there are healthy and recommended creams which are recommended for skin improvement. Another way through which media promotes skin bleaching is by the manner it features women and female images.

Sociology : Skin Bleaching Epidemic - Research Paper Example

How does media portray skin bleaching? According to Groot, Nater and Weyland, skin bleaching has become a common practice in the society with both men and women adopting it.

It has been found out that there are manifold push and pull factors which significantly contribute to the acceptance of skin whitening as away of becoming more beautiful.

Mischievous conducts like sexual immorality, drug abuse, eating disorders and violence have been closely linked to media effect throughout history. It is clear that consumer created content lacks verification and professional evidence and is prone to manipulation to fit the particular selfish ambitions.

Many medical experts and dermatologists argue that skin whitening has more than fatal effects on human health. Almost every skin cream contains active ingredients some of are very dangerous to human skin and the general health.

This research used some of these authentic resources in gathering relevant information as directed by the research statement and questions. Although it is ignored by very many people in the world, skin-bleaching is dangerous, fatal and unacceptable.

It is believed that these images sell almost everything ranging from automobiles, food and even air tickets. A lot of pride is attached to beauty icons with many people discovering ways and means of becoming world beauty stars.

The practice has also been associated with prominent personalities like musicians who bleach parts of their bodies portraying a mixture of colors with a good example being the late Michael Jackson.

It is clear that the world has become a global village with access of information calling for the click of the mouse alone. There are countless personalities throughout history who have thrilled in various spheres of life as a result of media effect. Almost every advert on television or in commercial magazines carry women images with exports body parts.

Many people have known media spheres like television and radio as sources of important information. As one of the pillars of democracy, media has immense ability of affecting the society. A lot of information carried by these channels do not embrace natural skin color and beauty.

The growth in information technology has further contributed to the promotion of skin-bleaching as an acceptable culture.Read this essay on Skin Bleaching.

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Skin Bleaching Essay: The Perception of Beauty

Skin Bleaching is defined as a practice of using chemical substances in attempt to lighten skin tone or provide an even skin complexion by lessening the concentration of melanin.

Skin Bleaching Essay: The Perception of Beauty Skin Bleaching Free Essay Example experts and other sociologist arguing that media cannot be excused in the understanding of the major promoters of skin-bleaching.

Research findings. Skin bleaching is common in almost every country in the world. According to this research media including. Skin Bleaching Research Paper. Words Feb 19th, 8 Pages. Show More. Skin Bleaching Essay. According to consumers of skin bleaching products, women use it to achieve “fair skin.

Those women most often get their perception of beauty from media advertisements within their society. Nakano argues that skin whitening work in more.

Skin bleaching research paper essay
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