Research paper electronic marketing

The abundant information is denoted in such a manner as not to overwhelm the user rather guiding the shopper to what they Research paper electronic marketing.

The people holding some college education or none at all also record higher levels of website presence.

Most Downloaded Electronic Commerce Research and Applications Articles

The site also has a search area for easy location of desired items and products. This gives the user the direction on which to follow the different processes. Variations of ware pictures are also available on the page bottom. Beneath the banner, there are country-specific domains with regional organization, that is, Caribbean, Europe, Asia Pacific etc.

A big picture ware is positioned on the background for the purpose of allowing a better viewership. The website is quite clean, consistently organized with respect to font size and color contouring. The website is loaded with enough content and information.

The company has had a recent goal of capturing the young couples market, specifically those who have their own apartments Kerin et al.

IKEA Website Evaluation and Electronic Marketing Plan&nbspResearch Paper

The core focus of the website is E-commerce. The home page should include all the categories of products available. The area below the menu bar has a slideshow which encompasses scrolling pictures with details on offers and other product relevant information.

These can be achieved by the addition of a description pane for items. Additionally, there are clear links to redirect the user to other websites to access more information.

Various aspects of the website pages have unique designs. Target market Based on internet population information and details from alexa.

The banner also allows the website visitors to easily maneuver to their country details. Compared to the general population on the internet, school going individuals visit the website more often.

The website hosts no advertisements. The process of making a purchase is quite simple on the website.

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According to Kerin, Hartley, and Rudeliusvarious regions ascribe to different backgrounds depending on market segment and geographically identifiable activities.

Workers with salaries show a higher ability to spend and accept new ideas and products. This makes it possible for the user to access all the…. Beneath the slideshow block, there is some more information directing the shopper regarding product recalls, sustainabilityor such as IKEA information.

The purchasing behavior of customers, income levels, consumer attitude, commodity prices and consumer demand dictates how furniture at IKEA sells. Women averaging 38 years of age are shown as the most frequent visitors to IKEA website.

The display is also user-friendly. For instance, Germany domain is titled www. The banner communicates the niche covered by the site i.

The page allows the user to voluntarily select their location.The purpose of this research paper is to examine the e-marketing business inside the market of Jordan. The primary objective is to dig deep into the industrial products to study the level of development inside this market. Industrial equipments shall be put under the scope as an example to the e.

The most downloaded articles from Electronic Commerce Research and Applications in the last 90 days. ELECTRONIC MARKETING (MARKETING PLANNING PROJECT) “E-marketing strategy is the design of marketing strategy that capitalises on the organisations electronic or information technology capabilities to reach specified objectives.

In essence, e- Type of paper: Academic level. View this research paper on IKEA Website Evaluation and Electronic Marketing Plan. The objective of this paper is to draw together previous research into an integrative conceptual model for understanding how digital marketing communication affects customer loyalty.

In the. Social Media as a Marketing Tool: A Literature Review Introduction within social media marketing research and points out the need for future studies to explore the taking place such as Electronic Consumer to Consumer Interaction (eCCI), which are.

Research paper electronic marketing
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