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Muscarella does nevertheless acknowledge the importance of the site. According to texts dating from around BC, Aratta was a gaily decorated capital with a citadel whose battlements were fashioned of jiroft writing a business lapis lazuli and its lofty towers of bright red brick.

After a two-hour lecture to an auditorium packed with students and locals, the Iranian-born archeology professor from the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago was besieged by questioners. Is Konar Sandal A a ziggurat a temple-tower commonly believed to be of the Sumerian origin?

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While the Harvard professor acknowledges the importance of the discovery of Jiroft and its chlorite vessels, he warns against hyperbole.

So far, however, there is no proof, and others are less sure. This presentation introduces an audience to Jiroft, its findings, and its importance with regard to other well-researched cradles of civilizations of the same time period such as Sumer, Egypt, Elam and Indus Valley.

Literally tens of thousands of pieces have been found, but the vast majority have been looted from their original tombs by local farmers, who were the first to stumble across the gargantuan honeycomb of gravesites uncovered by the floodwaters of The team has also uncovered a second wall and vestiges of a third, with trenches exposing both private houses and another sizeable public building—perhaps a trading center.

Other archeologists, however, dispute this conclusion, maintaining that the vases, bowls and cups from Mesopotamian and Indus Valley sites were manufactured locally. Iranian-born archeologist Yousef Madjidzadeh speculates that some of these objects were in fact imported from Jiroft, which he is convinced is the legendary third-millennium-BC city of Aratta.

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Many of the scenes on the Jiroft vessels bear a strong resemblance to the gods, beasts and plants portrayed on Sumerian statues, plaques and cylinder seals. Other sites, like Jiroft, suffer rampant looting fueled by demand from international museums and collectors.

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They refused to accept changes brought by a new civilization. It is estimated that within 9 months since the first object was discovered in 10, holes were dug in this looting Eldorado. A Lost Kingdom of? Madzjizadeh reported a clay impression with possible writing previously but this one was not available for verification.

The team uncovered more than two square kilometers of remains from a city dating back to at least the late 3rd millennium BC. While his discoveries has not produced such spectacular vases and statuettes as those delivered by villagers, he was able to estimate that jiroft writing a business sites is possibly located in the area of about square km.

Although some of them were probably manufactured locally, the sheer volume of artifacts at Jiroft argues that the most prolific chlorite workshops of all were there. Chlorite vessels similar to the stunning examples recently unearthed at Jiroft in southeastern Iran have been found from the Euphrates to the Indus, as far north as the Amu Darya and as far south as Tarut Island, on the Gulf coast of Saudi Arabia.As the author of a three-volume history of Mesopotamia and a leading Iranian authority on the third millennium BC, Madjidzadeh has long hypothesized that Jiroft is the legendary land of Aratta, a “lost” Bronze Age kingdom of renown.

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