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Some of the Europeans saw the poor as idle moochers who were a menace to society and the poor who actually deserved alms while other believed that all the poor deserved alms out of the kindness of their heart which was the English tried to do through trying to reform the poor.

He did this due to his POV that if you were to be healed of your disease then you could go and find work instead of going around begging which to his distaste they had become accustom to instead of trying to be reformed.

These Europeans have shown even though many of them have a distaste for the poor due to the good-for-nothings that they still believe in the practice of alms-giving and helping the poor by housing and feeding them.

In France, the town council of Rouen had so much distaste for the idle that they were planning to expel them from the city due to their harmfulness to the general public Document 5.

This Rembrandt sketch shows an older man giving to a poor family, who looks very dirty, some Dbq on the poor out of the kindness of his heart Document 9. William Tucker who was an English doctor, and he instead of giving alms money or food to the sick poor, offered to heal them Document 6.

Emperor Charles V in a royal decree wrote how indiscriminately giving alms will result in idleness which is the root of all evils Document 4.

More essays like this: During this time period many Europeans held negative attitudes toward helping the poor due to the idle and lazy who go around begging as if they are poor. During this time period, the English tried to respond to the poor by trying to reform them.

Even with the many negative views on the poor, many Europeans still wanted to help the poor who actually deserved it. Also during this time period the Europeans had many responses like in England where they put them in poorhouses or tried to heal them or in others places where they tried to give them alms.

Jean Maillefer, a wealthy French merchant, wrote to his children that the poor have grown accustom to being poor and they cannot leave due to them having no cares, bills, and fears while they feel great independence Document He believes that these idle people left their occupations and have began to beg and sell their daughters to vice instead of going into honest work because they see how easy it is to beg for money.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. In Dijon, France due to the poor shrieking throughout the night, the town council decided to rent a place for the poor to stay for future nights Document 2. The British government set up poorhouses which used force and starvation to reform the poor Document 7.

The of POV of Cardinal Richelieu is that of a high church official who sees the idle are taking from the deserving poor and that the government needs to find a way to help the poor while making the idlers work on public work protects which would keep the poor off the streets, and it would employ the good-for-nothings who are mooching off everyone.

Even though many Europeans saw only the idlers as the problems, many others had negative attitudes to all poor people. The POV of the town council is that of the leaders who see that they no longer want the poor roaming the city so they decided to rent somewhere for the poor to sleep since they have become an annoyance to the general public, but they still are going to treat the poor as well as they can.

Cardinal Richelieu who was a royal councilor is unofficially stated as saying that he believed that due to the vagabonds begging for alms, they are taking bread from the deserving poor and he believes that rules should be established which would confine and feed the poor and make the able bodied do public works Document 8.

The English government POV in these regulations showed that they believed that through hard labor and punishment that the poor would lose their idleness and be able to submit to the poorhouse master which would allow them to be able to actually go and get an honest living due to them losing their idleness.

During a sermon, a French Catholic Priest spoke how giving alms while you are sick or after your death means nothing Document 1.Free-Response Questions The College Board is a not-for-profit membership association whose mission is to connect students to college success and opportunity.

In order to care for the poor begging creatures and. barn for the poor to stay in at night, at the town’s expense. However, the minutes of these meetings indicate that it should be for the “poor children who go shrieking at night throughout this city”, showing that the city council’s intentions may not have been as philanthropic as they seem 5/5(9).

Apeuro DBQ on the Poor Essay Sample. The Europeans between the ’s and ’s held many negative attitudes towards the poor themselves and the idlers who they believed were a menace to society.

The Poor Dbq - Free download as Word Doc .doc) or read online for free.5/5(5). Free Essay: The Europeans between the ’s and ’s held many negative attitudes towards the poor themselves and the idlers who they believed were a. Dbq on the Poor of Europe () Essay DBQ Essay Near 50% of the population in Europe lived at a subsistence level.

Apeuro DBQ on the Poor Essay Sample

Due to this there were many different attitudes towards the poor in Europe from

Dbq on the poor
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