Composition on internet surfing good or bad

Being socially responsible, for example, is not just charity work as we are generally made to believe. For whatever reason, it is difficult to tell but it certainly makes one wonder why a responsible adult would do that and what kind of morals or caution such an adult would be passing on or giving the youth who are looking up to him.

A single Mobile devices such as tablet can make available thousands of books at fingertip. So, we ended up with 84 students who logged into the internet regularly. Minute by minute news updates as events unfold and wherever they happen are just a button click away.

So, I decided to use my research expertise in memory and attention to investigate: It has been an essential part of our life means we can say that without it we face lots of problems in our daily lives.

Internet has increased communication very fast. There is every reason to believe why elsewhere in some countries, films considered not good enough for children are embargoed. There is a computer and internet facility in my computer lab in the school where we access needed information for our project.

There are hundreds of websites hosting thousands of sexually explicit pages so the temptation is thrown out there for both the morally weak and the strong to face it.

Internet is boon for those who use it for positive purpose and curse for whom who use it for negative purpose. We can connect more than one computer to each other using this internet in order to easily access information from any connected computer from one place.

From the time internet has come in our life, our world has become changed to a great extent in the positive ways however in the negative ways too.

A friend was horrified to find she was a recipient of a nauseating pornographic material circulated by a boss, a father and a role model, to all the female employees of the firm. They can even chat with them when they are online. Advantages of Internet Internet has given rise to new sector of businesses which has arisen because of the Internet.

Online shopping, online chatting, online banking etc. Pornography can be damaging. It has made easy access to the online public libraries, textbooks or other resources to find relevant topics.

Internet has brought people closer and has brought the whole world on a single platform to communicate and express them.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet Essay, Speech(Pros & Cons)

However, it is legitimate to ask: Using internet we can access World Wide Web from any place. We found that students who surfed the internet more during class were also more likely to have lower scores on the final exam.

The Good & Bad Sides Of Internet Surfing

Internet uses various internet protocol technologies. Mobile commerce also M-Commerce refers to the commercial transaction that takes place over the mobile internet.

Interest, motivation and intelligence are big predictors of exam scores — the largest being intelligence.

It helps in drawing their mind towards study a lot. Sometimes I wonder how years back we were able to manage our lives without the use of the Internet.

It is accessed anywhere through a telecommunications line and modulator-demodulator and comes to the computer by modifying analogue telephone signals into the digital computer signals. I remembered how Ghanaians condemned the pictures and the pressure that was put on the authorities to bring those behind the acts to book as they were tarnishing the image of Ghana.

It provides bulk of facilities to us such as E-mail, surfing search engines, connecting to celebrities using social media websites, accessing web portals, opening informative websites, being up-to-date, video chatting and many more.

We sought to answer these questions, among others, in a recent study in which we tracked internet use in a large introductory psychology course. Technology of the Future:The following are the advantages and disadvantages of the internet.

Essay on Internet and Its Uses

Downloading games or just surfing the celebrity websites are some of the uses people have discovered. Even celebrities are using the internet effectively for promotional campaigns. Children have been lured by paedophiles posing as good Samaritans and have been.

Nov 24,  · What are good and bad points of Internet?

What are good and bad points of Internet?

Anonim. Anonim. Surfing the web, one may find hundereds of interesting things. You may listen to your favorite music or learn more about your hobbies. Furthermore, in Internet you can always find the newest news. There are hundereds of services providing news from the whole world 89%(57).

Is surf culture really that bad? (ultimedescente.comg) submitted 2 years ago by Edit: hahaha you're a moderator of like 10 subreddits, and I am the one with internet angst? Surfing actually takes place in the ocean, and not behind a keyboard brotha.

I think you've been good at surfing for so long and have already had status at these breaks for. I think the Internet is something that we have to know, and we should know what is good and bad for us, and keep ourselves away from what can damage ourselves in any way.

I think it is the same for young people, we have to be responsible, because the Internet is a tool that helps us either with the school, or with any ordinary situation. The Good and Bad of the Internet essays The internet has changed our world today in many different ways.

Some argue it's for the better and some for the worse.

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Has it made it easier to communicate or has it isolated individuals and disorganized their thoughts. In the essay "The Problems wi. It provides bulk of facilities to us such as E-mail, surfing search engines, connecting to celebrities using social media websites, accessing web portals, opening informative websites, being up-to-date, video chatting and many more.

it is totally prohibited to use internet as they think that it is bad thing for them. Sometimes, internet can.

Composition on internet surfing good or bad
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