Butcher paper holder

Then I made sure I found some studs in the wall to anchor into. They are consistent with my love for imperfect wood.

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You bet we never use it without making some silly joke. You will receive a separate email shortly. I want to join now! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. The possibilities are endless. You will also gain exclusive access to my Printable Library!!

Here the sides are once the holes were completed.

Kraft & Butcher Paper and Dispensers

Once the mount was secured to the wall I double checked everything. Once the 3 pieces were screwed together, I painted it white. Let me know what you think. I then added the paper roll and grabbed my trusty sharpie to add a fun fall themed piece of artwork.

We will not discuss that mishap. Since my paper was 3 feet wide, I measured my wood and added an inch to each side to make sure the paper had a little space, so I measured it at 38 inches.

You can customize to your desired measurements. Disregard the patches I had to make below the mount. But, if you break it down, step by step, it can be an easy project you can finish and be extremely happy with. I never advertise anything I have not tried or believe in.

DIY Mounted Craft Paper Roll

We also pre-drilled holes for the screws we were using to attach the pieces together. I would love to hear from you! I have a Prime account so shipping was free on this product.

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We love our little stud finder. Unsubscribe at any time. I cut those at 7 inches. Lets just say, I installed it too soon, in the wrong place, and it stuck to the wall. You can pick from a variety of sizes. I ended up buying one that was 3ft by feet.

I definitely learn something each time I build something, maybe things I might do different or better, but there is always a new skill I have gained and my confidence to create another project is increased as well.IKEA Home furnishings, kitchens, appliances, sofas, beds, mattresses.

Minimalist and functional, the Studio Roller, designed by lifestyle company George & Willy, is a fun way to hang butcher's paper. IKEA - MÅLA, Tabletop paper holder, Tabletop holder for paper roll, pens and paints.

Toilet Paper & Tissue Holder Combination

Place on a level ultimedescente.comar with edge that makes it easy to tear off. World Market Supply LLC is a low cost provider of supermarket equipment and butcher supplies as well as general food processing equipment.

We serve supermarkets, grocery stores, meat markets, meat processing plants, butchers, bakeries, deli's, restaurants, schools, food commissaries, as well as the do-it-yourself hunters and butchers.

Shop a huge selection of paper roll cutters, dispensers, and holders for packaging dispensing in plants, warehouses, and more at wholesale prices from Global Industrial. Portable Jumbo Paper Dispensers Provide a Convenient and Mobile Dispensing System For Large Paper Roll Applications Such As Butcher Shops, Gift Wrapping Stations.

PICTURE TO LEFT SHOWN WITH CASTERS- CASTERS SOLD SEPARATELY. Very sturdy, self-standing paper racks are made of steel with welded bases. For paper roll sizes up to 36" wide.

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Butcher paper holder
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