Business plan representative office in malaysia

In the Eleventh Malaysia Plan,the services sector has been cited as being the primary driver of economic growth. In order to register your company, you will need to follow these steps.

If brand protection or intellectual property ownership is a key component of your business, do engage with intellectual property lawyers or registered agents early to explore the suitability and costs of filing for trademark and patent registrations at the outset, as the entire registration process can easily take 6 to 12 months.

The permissible activities are as follows: However, KITAS sponsorships are restricted by the rule that for each foreign national working at the Rep Office there needs to be at least three Indonesian employees.

But, we emphasize again, you cannot use your "Rep office" to generate profit or engage in direct business activities. A certified copy of the certificate of incorporation or registration of the foreign company.

Example of the set up costs which may include the followings: Here are six 6 keys questions: Expatriates can be employed in a regional or representative office, but the number allowed depends on the functions and activities of the office.

9 Key Steps to Setting Up Business in Malaysia

The Representative Office is not permitted to: A free-zone company This is popular for foreign companies that are in export-oriented businesses as it makes full use of the ports and free zones in Malaysia. Then, after a strong client portfolio has been established, the foreign company decides to open a PT PMA in Indonesia this strategy does have an impact on the corporate income tax liability of the Rep Office as it is considered "guiding indirect profits for the parent company abroad", this is further explained below.

A Labuan company is also useful for regional distribution enterprises, as imports and exports to and from Labuan are exempt from duty. Besides being a much cheaper option compared to the PT PMA, the advantage of a Rep Office is that you have percent foreign control over this legal entity and there are no director or shareholder requirements.

The operation cost of Representative or Regional Office is completely funded from sources outside Malaysia by their Head Office. So, lets get back to the general foreign representative office.

The Representative Office is subjected to the following conditions: What are the options of ownership for each entity available for foreigners?

These capital requirements may then vary depending whether the applicant company is fully foreign owned or the level of Malaysian equity ownership in the company.

Is my business idea feasible to conduct as a foreigner? Thanks to its extensive transport networks, the country is well-connected and deemed to be an accessible base from which to do business — particularly for those in the manufacturing, services or export industry. These sub-sectors include health and social services, tourism services, transport services, business services, and computer services.

Companies that wish to use Malaysia as a regional manufacturing or distribution base can benefit from free zones if most of their business is conducted outside the country. A certificate of registration will then be issued by SSM if you have met all the requirements.

Set-up costs To set up a business in Malaysia you can expect to pay a registration fee for the business entity that best suits your situation, noting that each authority has its own requirements and procedures.

When a foreigner wants to engage in market surveillance, networking, explore business opportunities or provide other managerial support in Indonesia to the parent company abroad, he needs to establish a general foreign representative office in Indonesian: It is important to note that the Malaysian government enocurages all business owners to employ Malaysian citizens.

To register your business as a private limited company in Malaysia, you will need to decide which category you fall under. The minimum required ranges from RM1, to RM5, varies with banks Cost of setting up landlines and broadband deposit per line is roughly RM For those interested using Malaysia as regional business hub and interested to register a company in Malaysia.

Setting up a business in Malaysia

A name search must be conducted to determine whether the proposed name of your company is available for registration. Most foreign entrepreneurs choose to set up shop in Kuala Lumpurbut various campaigns and development initiatives across the country have been designed to attract foreign investment, which is gathering momentum in places like Johor Bahru.

It is important to know that both positions cannot be filled by the same person; the foreign director needs to appoint someone else as Rep Office Head in Indonesia or the director of the parent company abroad needs to step down from his position first, appoint a new director for the foreign parent company, and then can become the Rep Office Head in Indonesia.

The specific requirements and procedures to obtain the correct work permits or visas may be confusing to many foreigners, not to mention the actual submissions and communications with the immigration department.Office/Shop renovation costs, furnitures and fittings Starting a Business in Malaysia As a Foreigner Initial deposit on opening a bank account.

The minimum required ranges from RM1, to RM5, (varies with banks). Representative office and Regional office in Malaysia A Representative Office/Regional office of a foreign company is an office that is established in Malaysia to perform permissible activities for its head office.

Representive Office (RO)

May 12,  · Registration of Malaysia Representative Office with Professional advices and assistances in completing the RO application form and Liaising with authorities. Business Setup; Malaysia Representative Office Setup; This page is also available in: Melayu (Malay) Setting Up Malaysia Representative Office in Malaysia.


Setting-up of Representative office and Regional office in Malaysia

A Representative office of a foreign corporation in the manufacturing and trading sector is an office established in Malaysia to perform permissible activities for its head office/principal. The Representative Office should be. Setting up a business in Malaysia.

How to Establish a Representative Office (KPPA) in Indonesia?

In the Eleventh Malaysia Plan,the services sector has been cited as being the primary driver of economic growth. a Labuan company and a representative office. A private limited company.

International businesses in the manufacturing or services sector can typically do business in Malaysia. A Representative Office/Regional Office of a foreign company/ organisation in the manufacturing and services sector is an office which is established in Malaysia to perform permissible activities for its head office/principal.

Business plan representative office in malaysia
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