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None of the above. This is an online marketplace for best solutions and homework help. When used properly, personality tests can help screen applicants for jobs by indicating areas of adequacy and inadequa Posted by. One problem that OSHA will have to address in the future is the increasing number of Bus 309 quiz 1 disorders.

Personality tests help determine how little the business has to pay an applicant if hired. OSHA says few accidents are caused by sleep deprivation and fatigue. The information the organization seeks does not have to be related to the job.

A generous leave policy can boost morale and loyalty among employees. Informed consent need not be observed by a business implementing a drug testing program for its employees. Test results should be made public. Employers are allowed to a.

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Which statement has the proper perspective about drug testing? Question 28 In determining the morality of giving and receiving gifts in a business situation, which of the following factors is MOST relevant? Conflicts of interest never result in moral dilemmas.

There are four basic kinds of law: The paradox of hedonism or the paradox of selfishness is that people who are exclusively concerned with their own interests tend to have happier and more satisfying lives than those who are concerned about other people.

Businesses cite several reasons for using polygraphs to detect lying. If a polygraph test is 95 percent accurate, there are unlikely to be any "false positives. Which of the following is one of those purposes? Women should not be forced to choose between child-rearing and pursuing their careers.

Used properly, personality tests serve two purposes in the work place.


The United States has more of what per employee than any other industrial nation? Question 13 5 out of 5 points The Fugger dynasty was an example of Question 14 5 out of 5 points Though many jobs are outsourced, most economists believe Question 15 5 out of 5 points An assessment of work in America is Question 16 5 out of 5 points Kenneth Arrow discussed two important situations in which profit maximization can be socially inefficient.

Businesses often claim polygraphs are a fast and economical way to verify the information provided by a job applicant. One key questionable premise underlying personality tests is a.

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Which of the following made it a crime to steal a trade secret? Ross Perot uses to describe a. Trade secrets are intellectual property of a company.

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Privacy is widely acknowledged today to be a fundamental right. Out of these four, which one is the only correct statement concerning OSHA? Forty-three thousand workers each year are a. The government has always opposed testing Federal employees for cocaine and other illicit drugs. Altered roles for junior-level employees Painting the walls and brightening lights A treatment group and a control group A change in managerial staff Question 27 Which of the following best defines whistle-blowing?

Employees who reveal trade secrets are violating the confidentiality they owe to their employers. The Employee Polygraph Protection Act permits most private employers to use lie detectors in "pre-employment testing. You will get the response within 1 hour Institution:bus week 2 chapter 1 quiz.

bus week 2 chapter 1 quiz. bus week 2 chapter 1 quiz. bus week 2 chapter 1 quiz.

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bus week 2 chapter 1 quiz. Description. BUS Week 2 Quiz 1 Chapter One. Ethics addresses the question of; Ethics does not investigate questions of; Business ethics is the study of what constitutes good and bad human conduct in a. Start studying WU BUS Chapter 5 - Part 2. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

Free Essays on Bus Week 2 Quiz for students. Use our papers to help you with yours 1 - BUS Week 9 Quiz – Strayer New Click on the Link Below to Purchase A+ Graded Course Material ultimedescente.com Chapter Three Who is known for first holding that we should treat like cases alike?

a. Plato b. Epicurus c. Cicero d. Aristotle The topic of the.

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