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Each department is specialized in particular kind of product. Therefore, it can attract customers. BBSM has adopted price, product as core component for positioning strategies. A customer, who enters the store to purchase a couple of articles, can easily be persuaded to purchase many other articles from other departments situated in the same building.

Importance of departmental store in Nepal: January Some of the 27 varieties of Crest toothpaste on store shelves. Over the years Bhatbhateni has created a solid SCA against its competitors. Five percent of respondents who found too many options said they had walked away empty-handed because the scope of choices made selection too hard.

If it is the case, can Bhatbhateni boast about it? A new survey by the Consumer Reports National Research Center confirms that option overload can be a hindrance as well as a help. Therefore, departmental store is a collection of shops all under the same roof, each shop dealing in a particular line.

Shop at a store with less choice. In a departmental store, a Bhatbhateni supermarket can make a much better selection of goods due to the stocking of a very wide variety of goods. It is therefore, easily accessible to all those who live in the surrounding localities.


You chose your brand and went on your way. The sustainable competitive advantage requires value creating products, processes and services that cannot be matched up by competitors and the plan to maintain it for future.

The retail industry in Nepal is growing and hence has opportunities. Capitalism at its finest! For Colgate, we found a mere When evaluating eggs, the choices are no longer just brown or white, and medium, large, extra large, or jumbo.

With the slow increase in the number of new players in retail sector, Bhatbhateni will find it difficult in future. All such departments are under one management and Bhatbhateni supermarket. Here, the high and low unit prices we found for items within six product lines: Departmental store is located in the heart of the city.

Are the differences significant enough to warrant all of those options? Bargaining power of buyers Consumers are price sensitive. To maintain its growth as a corporate Bhatbhateni group has to go for business diversification.

The un organized sector has a dominant position. Economics of large scale: Fulfills the needs of a richer and better class of the population. Departmental store has a huge capital and can spend large amount of money in continual advertising to keep its name before the public.

Threat of substitutes Unorganized retail PowerPoint Presentation: New products build excitement and bring much-needed zap to categories.

Almost three-quarters of all supermarket products languish on store shelves, selling less than one unit a single package, can, or bottle per week, according to Paul Weitzel, managing partner with industry adviser Willard Bishop Consulting. See our privacy policy. First make a list.

It enables a customer to purchase all his requirements in one place. When the product you want costs more than others, check company websites for special offers. The principle behind the establishment of a departmental store is to sell more goods to the same customer by providing different products.

It makes no one worse off, and some better.Bhat Bhateni Supermarket is close to a variety of hotels, with choices such as Kathmandu Youth Hostel and Dwarika's Hotel.

Using's secure on-line booking form to reserve hotels close to landmarks like Bhat Bhateni Supermarket is. Multi-national. Auchan - hypermarkets; France; B&Q - DIY home improvement; United Kingdom; Babies "R" Us - baby clothes, care products, furniture, toys (Defunct.

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The building is located strategically in Bhatbhateni, Baluwatar which is considered city’s posh and central area. Just a few minutes’ walk to the main road lies the city’s most popular shopping centre ‘Bhatbhateni’, with other fine dining restaurants, cafes, clothing stores in the area.

bhatbhateni super market काठमाडौं address • Namaste Supermarket. Department Store.

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Pulchowk. "Remove that parking space and think of making nice Cafe over there." Furniture Land Bhatbhateni - Maharajgunj.

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Furniture / Home. Appears on 4 lists. Kathmandu, Nepal.

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Bhat Bhateni Supermarket. Food & Drinks in Kathmandu. Save. Share One of the the largest supermarkets in the city, with 13 stores, though the location is slightly inconvenient, south of the Chinese embassy.

Bhatbhateni. Visit website. Hours ampm. Suggest an Edit. Related tour Delhi to Kathmandu Adventure. 15 .

Bhatbhateni supermarket
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