An analysis of the movie bad boys ii

The two drives nearby one of the Haitian vehicles. They get into the car and drive off, chasing the Haitians. A Haitian is watching the truck driven to the money drop and alerts another Haitian, who is talking to a blonde-dreaded Haitian man via phone.

Bad Boys II is mixed for high-volume playback and makes full use of the dynamic range of the digital soundtrack with complex, discrete layers of sound as well as almost physical volume and visceral bass.

Within the critical frames of academic film theory, classical continuity is often regarded as a singular ideal model, a norm, rather than just one possible convention among many others to guide the organization of audio-visual material. The remaining Haitian manages to hang onto the truck and another Haitian vehicle fires on the truck.

This contradictory mode of An analysis of the movie bad boys ii Josef complains to Alexei of how much she is given away to the Cuban dealers and calls in. This aesthetic encompasses a stylistic system of overemphasis and amplification in which formal features are continually foregrounded.

Interiors and exteriors throughout the film are bathed in artificial blue, green and yellow light and certain objects, such as the bright yellow Humvee driven by Mike in the final car chase, stand out see figs.

Receiving a phone call, Johnny discovers that he was almost busted thanks to the Ku Klux Klan bust. Marcus goes on to calmly chastise him for disrupting his quality time with his family, especially for him.

For instance, in a chase sequence in which the detectives take to the air to pursue criminals in speedboats, shots of the helicopters silhouetted against a setting sun are intercut with shots of the boats skimming across the water in bright mid-day sunlight see figs. The spinaround shot has a variable function in Bad Boys II.

While the symbolic significance of this signature colour scheme varies across different narrative contexts, in this film about drugs, excessive consumption and death, it establishes a sickly, hallucinatory tone. The status of cinema as technology is continually reinforced.

Marcus denies being angry. Mike swerves the car and stylistically rampages with gunfire onto the Haitians, slaughtering one in the process. As Mark Kerins observes in his study of contemporary film sound, the conventional audio-visual aesthetic that has developed since the adoption of Dolby digital surround sound as a standard reproduction platform in the s has involved a reconfiguration of the traditional relation between film sound and image.

The author as remixer: It is demonstrated too in the architectural complexity of visual detail that is most evident in the fractally dense CGI animation of the Transformers films which present us with images that are far too visually intricate to comprehend at a glance see fig.

The money are wrapped in plastic, given to Josef to count and put it in, Syd explains to Alexei the amount he will receive for the deal as the rest of the money will go to the Cubans in percentage. This destabilizing effect is heightened by hand-held and unsteady camera movements, crash zooms and whip pans, canted framing, the frequent insertion of out-of-focus and motion-blurred images, as well as the use of jump cuts.

The motif of the transformation sequence offers the viewer a virtuoso demonstration of the marvellous complexity of contemporary digital animation, as mundane vehicles such as cars, trucks, helicopters and fighter jets, dismantle and reassemble themselves to assume the dynamically complex forms of giant robots while retaining visible elements of their original form such as tyres, windscreens, bonnets and body panels, radiator grills and exhaust pipes.

A KKK member reaches for a shotgun and draws on Mike -- Marcus yells "gun" and Mike quickly turns around and shoots him dead. Marcus shows off his badge, forcefully ordering them to surrender, but Mike reprimands him for using his badge in a dangerous situation and tells him to shoot, which he complies.

Parallels between the two film-makers are not immediately obvious, particularly given the critical esteem in which Sirk is now held and the very different institutional contexts and media environments in which they worked, but both directors have produced highly commercial genre films specializing in different genres but both producing war filmsworking for major Hollywood studios with limited independence as a consequence, directing films that received scant critical recognition at the time of their release, and developing a highly stylized, non-naturalistic aesthetic.

Bay makes it go so fast that no-one notices. Marcus hangs out and shoots at the Haitians. She is taken to an office where most of the drug money is completed in how much it is in mathematics and the creation and delivery of the ecstasey pills. Syd crashes into a traffic stop, causing many crashes and the Haitians evacuate their cars to shoot at the cops.

They continue releasing the retailed cars and it causes severe crashes. This is not presented as a single shot since it is interrupted with close-ups and medium shots of the actors yelling and firing, but nevertheless, and in spite of the furious action, the mobile point-of-view of the circling camera grabs our attention.

Also, the operation is unsuccessful, there are two bags of ecstasey pills and no other piece of evidence is found. At a construction site, Carlos and a Cuban associate are awaiting the money drop from binoculars to a parking lot building.

A close examination of these films reveals the ways in which contemporary mainstream cinema is suspended in a play of perpetual transformation and continuity, continually adapting and recycling elements of popular cinema.

And, by virtue of a sort of inner purification of its unworthy materials, fleetingly capable of the highest purpose. DEA continues to watch the drop at the parking lot site.

Bad Boys II Synopsis

Its status as a direct sequel provides a pretext for the scant exposition, but Bad Boys II is a sequel in a broader sense, sitting within a continuum of action cinema that ensures its familiarity and intelligibility.

The crashing of his body into a lot base eventually warns the duo and upon the truck driving out of the site with the Haitians on tail, the two finds out the driver is Syd. The action picture, thriving on vulgarity, carnality, and sensuous appeal, is a paradigm case of popular film.

The Cinema of Michael Bay: An Aesthetic of Excess

Mike then escorts Marcus out of the swamp. Popular cinema probes a bounded range of options. This worries the agents and the Cubans.Bad Boys II Synopsis Favorite Theater Button Overview; who is also involved in a bloody war with Russian and Haitian mobsters. If that isn't bad enough, there's tension between the two cops because Lowrey is romantically involved with Burnett's sister, Syd (Gabrielle Union).

Provided by Rovi. Offers. Apr 07,  · “Bad Boys" tries with all the energy at its command to redeem an exhausted story with sheer technique. This movie is so good-looking it deserves a decent screenplay, instead of one more lope down memory lane. The movie gives us a Miami filled with midnight glitz, shot with the flair of a fashion photographer - backlit 2/5.

Bad Boys/Bad Boys II DVD. Will Smith.

out of 5 stars $ Bad Boys / Bad Boys II - Set [Blu-ray] Blu-ray. Since i love this movie AND Bad Boys part one on bluray was disapointing in quality at best, thought i would just buy it /5().

Jul 18,  · ''Bad Boys II,'' in which Mr. Smith and Mr. Lawrence once again play a pair of Miami police detectives named Mike and Marcus, is the latest collaboration between Jerry Bruckheimer, who produced it.

The follow up to the successful Bad Boys Franchise debuted in Starring Will Smith, Martin Lawrence and Gabriel Union. This movie was released on July 18, and was considered by most critiques to be a blockbuster hit/10(K). Jul 18,  · "Bad Boys II" is a bloated, unpleasant assembly-line extrusion in which there are a lot of chases and a lot of killings and explosions.

Oh, it's all done with competent technique. Michael Bay, the director, is a master of this sort of thing, and his screenplay was labored over by at least four writers, although there is not an original 1/5.

An analysis of the movie bad boys ii
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