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I always strove to design the best magazine I could possibly create in spite of the numerous limitations. To sum up…Maisonneuve is a voice of organic harmony, which with equal strength speaks to and of both human experience and human expression.

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I hope it will inspire young women illustrators, photographers, and art directors in Canada to persevere. To create a bold and intelligent visual statement to inspire pride in one side and to engage into conversation the other one. I liked to commission illustration that, if there were just empty pages with no words, the images would still have the visual power to stand on their own.

You adapt and modify the approach to the underlying design to provide individual and suitable reflection of each story and its characters, which are unique in their own right. He has mastered alberta business report magazine amazing skill—working with natural light.

At the time, the magazine was in its fourth year of publication. The complexity lay in the precise execution—the limited minimalistic number of elements did not leave the room to hide mistakes.

Sorryyyyyy, I just could not help myself! You spent over a decade as the art director of the award-winning Montreal quarterly. As its art director you have collected 6 National Magazine Awards for your work—3 for Best Magazine Cover and 3 more for Art Direction—among more than a dozen nominations.

One of them is how can I, a gay woman myself, shine the light on the relationship LGBTQ community has with spirituality in a singular iconic image to the broader audience? For a start, there were many, many doodles and sketches for this cover.

A close-up portrait was the best way to capture the dichotomy.

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But at the same time, the images exist in a realm of their own and are appreciated as a separate entity with their own story. So kudos to National Magazine Awards Foundation!

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The ones that jump to mind, though, are: Is it any good?! But even so, I feel the major difference between other publications and Maisonneuve is the consistency.

Do you have another favourite creation from your Maisonneuve career? We complemented each other very well. Just as easily, dozens could fit the description you gave. For people who are familiar with Maisy the affectionate in-house nameyou may say…A versatile humanitarian with socially and culturally inclined tendencies and some very personal issues, who welcomes anyone into its Open House, obsessively collects Letters from Montreal…in addition, has strange Fictional fantasies, whole-heartedly laughs at the Comics…at times gender confused, but very intelligent and oh!

Ian is the example of someone you just click with. As I remember correctly, we narrowed it down to two main concepts. I deeply apologize to TV set lovers for butchering a very cool retro television…All in the name of art!

Amy was reluctant at first, but when I showed her what I have done as a mock-up she was very excited and happy for her work be adapted in this creative way. For many artists, myself including, the favourite creation is the one yet to be created. But no visuals at all, in a magazine like Maisonneuve, would be a cop out.

Looking back, we were both wild spirited newbies! And, there I was…an idealistic designer taking my first steps into the professional art world I felt so passionate about…excitedly searching for the special place to house my creativity.

There was maison and it was neuve. Usually, that story is connected to the written one, but it does not have to be in a literal way.

How many of us just get so annoyed with what is on TV we just dream of taking a hammer to it? Maisy has also won Magazine of the Year twice in that span. As for the questions…I am asking myself the same ones today, as I have done then. I feel successful visions are the ones that are flexible in nature.

How would you describe the creative vision you set out to achieve at the magazine?

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The mood is very inviting to the story. Each issue is a new experience, for the team and for the readers. The favourite ones are the most memorable ones, which in one way or another enriched me with certain experience, insight or knowledge.Alberta Small Business Resources is a directory of business resources for new and established entrepreneurs.

Business and industry. Business taxes, permits and regulations, intellectual property, business support and how to sell to government. Managing your business operations, strategic and financial planning, marketing, growth and more.

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CPA Alberta is the professional organization for more than 28, Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) across the province. The CPA designation is the Canadian business and accounting designation representing more thanprofessional accountants across the country. how to report practical experience, and what employers and.

Welcome To Alberta Chambers of Commerce As the advocate for Alberta business, the Alberta Chambers of Commerce are your local resource, championing ideas, harnessing energy and collectively moving forward sensible solutions for small business. Alberta Venture Magazine Rankings includes: The VentureContractor of the Year, Alberta's Best Workplaces, Alberta's 50 Most Influential People, Alberta's Fast Growth 50 and Alberta's 25 Most Innovative Organizations.

Industry reports. Bio Based Chemical Import Replacement Initiative: Chemical Markets and Biochemical Options for Alberta (January ). This report looks at the potential for upgrading bioresources to useful chemicals by providing background market information on the industry, examining chemicals of interest for bio-production, and presenting the.

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